Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gertrude and Bullying

A couple of weeks ago was Anti-Bullying week. As an activity, a few people cut out a paper girl, her name was Gertrude. Then, the instructions were to insult her in ways and everytime we insulted her, we would have to either rip or crumple the paper girl. And after, we did that, we, as a class, had to put Gertrude back together. And then, we talked about not insulting people and how it can get out of control. The way that Gertrude looked afterwards with all the taped pieces and crumples might look how you feel inside and when you are bullied, you will never be the same again. The pieces of tape represent compliments after you're bullied.

Our class learned a lot of things you shouldn't do from doing this.

-written by Fiona

Advent Calendar - Day 6

Today is December 6th, 2011. There are 19 more days left until Christmas.

Today, in the Advent Calendar, I got to open procedural writing sheets to do with our Reading Buddies. Using our procedural writing sheets, we made a symmetry tree that we called a SymmeTREE! And we got to decorate it with paper decorations. Our trees are now on the windowsill in a "forest".

Our class is looking so Christmassy, we're getting in the spirit!

-written by Fiona

Advent Calendar - December 5th

Yesterday was December 5th. There were 20 days left until Christmas.

I got to open a little house that had a bag that looked Santa's bag and we Reverse Santa'd the room with it. Reverse Santa means, Santa puts stuff, but this Santa is a Grinch Santa, but we still call it Santa. Every day, Reverse Santa (aka Grinch) Reverse Santas the room by taking all the things that mess up the room and then we weigh it. We put it on paper and we write how much it is and then add it up with all the time we have for Friday Free Time that we lost from some of the week.

Then I openend an envelope that had Sudoku pages for everyone and they were Christmas Sudoku pages for everyone.

-written by Melodee

Friday, December 02, 2011

Room 305 Fashion!

Advent Calendar - December 4th

I opened Sunday's gift because we were not going to be here on Sunday. The whole class didn't know what Sunday's gift was going to be. When I opened the gift, the whole was class was so surprised that it was a Christmas book. When Shauna read us the book, everyone enjoyed the book. The book is called "The Great Reindeer Rebellion". My favourite part of the book was at the end because the reindeer fly Santa's sleigh again.

It's fun to have an advent calendar in your class.

-written by Jalila

Advent Calendar - December 3rd

Because December 3rd is the weekend, I got to open the present on Friday, December 2nd. From the Advent Calendar, we got Christmas melty sponges and everybody went crazy about them! You put them in warm water and the packages dissolve in the water. Some were: Santa, an ornament, a gingerbread man, and more. Some people used them to hang up on their mini Christmas Trees.

-written by Millie

Advent Calendar - December 2nd

Today was my birthday. I got to open the Advent present. It was little Christmas trees. It was nice. We got seven of them and we have seven tables and we each have one on our tables. People are putting decorations on them too. It makes the class look more Christmassy!

-written by Logan Co.

Day One Advent Calendar

Our class is starting an advent calendar! Shauna and her mom, Laurie bought 25 gifts, and printed some Christmas games and every gift has a tag with which day it should be opened on and a symbol!

Yesterday, December 1st, I opened the first gift! There were 2 gifts! The 1st gift was a game where you had to use the word Christmas tree to make as many words as you can! The 2nd gift was the head of a snowman and a strip of felt for the body which has little slots to put a candy cane in to show how many days until Christmas!

-written by Sarah C.

Note from Shauna: All of the students in room 305 celebrate Christmas in December. We will learn about other winter holidays in class as well!


Today, December 2, we, Shauna and Dana's class, went skating! It was very fun. In fact, very few of us got hurt. Shauna was timing many of us. Owen even skated a lap backwards! There was many, many of us in pictures, I, Pat, got in many of them. Well, I can't think of anything else, so, see ya!

-written by Pat

Friday, November 25, 2011

We are inspired by...

Right now, in Room 305, we are inspired by Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. In two short videos, the filmmakers have created a very memorable, distinctive character. Shortly, we will be creating our own characters (based on some of our Specimens To Go from the Museum of Nature) and writing letters in character.

See Marcel the Shell with Shoes On in action:

Soon we will be getting a copy of the Book "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me" in the class. I wonder who will be able to imitate Marcel's voice!