Friday, September 30, 2011

Mosquito Tone

We have a high-pitched tone that we can hear constantly in our classroom. We have asked Doug (our custodian) to look into it. The interesting thing is, Doug can't hear it.

Today we talked about how, as people get older, they can lose their ability to hear really high pitched tones. We talked about a particular high pitched tone called the "Mosquito Tone" that is really annoying to young people, but older people cannot hear it.

We tested the students and all of them could hear the tones up to 17 000 hertz. Many of them could also hear the 18 000 hertz tone.

Shauna could barely hear the 17 000 hertz tone, Andrew could only hear upto 14 00 hertz and Tiiu only up to 16 000 hertz.

Test yourself and your family!

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Anonymous said...

I can hear the 18 000 hertz tone. YAY! I am not old!