Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Room 305 is OBSESSED with squirrels

The "Zombie Squirrels", the lovely grade 4/5 students in room 305, have discovered a common interest - squirrels. From the first day of school, students have expressed their interest in the tiny mammal common to Ottawa.

We have created a squirrel-based class name, written a squirrel theme song, compared and contrasted two types of squirrels (of which we have specimen samples from the Museum of Nature in our classroom) and observed a photo of an albino squirrel in order to infer which species it is.

For more squirrel information, talk to a student in room 305, or visit one of the following sites: The Trinity-Bellwoods Albino Squirrel, The American Red Squirrel, and Grey Squirrels.

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